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New Breed Black Book

$16.00 / Sold Out

44 page zine featuring tributes by Graffiti Artists/Visual Artists to the New Breed Compilation Tape from 1989

Essays by Chris In Effect, Becky McAuley, JoJo Outburst

Black Book art by:
MQ, Chris RWK, Chaka Malik, KEN ONE, Mackie Blitz, FCEE, GALLO, Djinji Brown, WOE, Drug Dogs, BUSKE, Tatu Paul, SHOE X-MEN, ELI, AWE, JERE, Keith JIVE, Liz Romano, POCH, PHECK, MESK Kyle Style, CORE 2, NEMO, Chris Beee, RIE. Lewis Dimmick, INK KDM, Monserrate, HYENA, Andy Fletcher, MAYO, Mark Gilson, Hand Selecta.

Layout & Design by Jonathan Buske

Published by Shining Life Press & Urban Styles NYC 2022